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We think ALL girls have looked in the mirror and longed to change their hair colour. It doesn’t help of course that we’re constantly bombarded with pics of slebs who seem to be able to change their hair colour every other day with seemingly no consequence. WHY DOESN’T THEIR HAIR BREAK?! But whilst at some point all brunettes will have longed to go blonde and all brunettes will have wanted to try going to the dark side, more unusual colours have become the most desirable of late. Pink being the clear fave.

None of us are born with pink hair (well, unicorns and trolls might be, but us boring humans aren’t) and as going pink is a little ‘radical’ (*getting old face*) most of us don’t have the balls to actually bleach our hair and then dye it pink. Huge kudos to the girls who do of course, but most of us want to go pink for a party, a weekend, a day – not for months.

So naturally we were excited when label.m unveiled their Powder Pink Spray for the first time…

It’s a basically a pink powder spray, as the name suggests! You just spray the product on to your hair and build it up until it’s pink enough. It takes a couple of minutes to dry and you can then brush it through for a softer colour. The best part? It washes straight out – like, proper no hassle at all washes straight out. And it’s affordable too.

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