Practice Being Fearless

with renowned Coach and Inventor of A.S.K. - A Serenity Kit, Ms. Kelly Armatage

Kelly_armatageGrowing up in North London, Kelly Armatage had always been an intelligent and shy little girl with her head buried in books.  Fighting her way through negative perceptions that she had picked up as a sensitive child, she found excellence both in her academics and profession.  Today, wised-up by life’s experiences and 10 years of working on her mind, Kelly is a successful Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in Bahrain, providing counseling, coaching, corporate training and self development seminars.  BTW team caught up with this busy lady to get the low-down on her brand new, highly successful stress busting technique – A.S.K. – A Serenity Kit.

You have done a lot of self development work on yourself – how did this transition happen and how do you feel about the life changing decisions you took?

I had gone through quite a few curveballs in my life; depression, a breakdown, anxiety, codependency and relationship breakups.  I wanted to find a way to heal the emotional pain and find out why I was attracting many negative outcomes into my life.  This was when I decided to research everything I could get my hands on about thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  I spent 5 years studying for my qualifications to become a Coach and Therapist.  I read over 500 self help books and employed top experts to identify my negative behavioural patterns.  Over the next 10 years, I extensively worked on healing my cognitive distortions.  It was the best decision of my life.

What is your most important responsibility, being one of the most sought after therapists and coaches in the Kingdom?

There are several responsibilities that come attached with being a Therapist.  For me, the most important one is to maximise the client’s experience, so they receive big results from session one.

What do you focus on in each client’s session?

To truly set up change for a client, you need to trace back the origination of cognitive distortions and learned behaviours that have been picked up in the past.  Through the awareness and the wiring in of a whole new neural pathway is how behavioural change occurs.  As you change the behavior, success happens.  The client has to be fully committed to change, so that immediate change can ensue.

What made you create A.S.K. – A Serenity Kit?

I went on the Titan Summit in December 2013, a seminar led by Robin Sharma for 100 Entrepreneurs.  Boarding the flight back, I had the idea to create a 3 step process for change.  I had been using my own technique in my practice, which was 25 steps; however I brainstormed it down to 3 steps.  My mission was to create a therapy technique that would help millions.  I spent the next 18 months creating A.S.K.

What are your visions for A.S.K.?

I have 4 major visions associated with A.S.K.

1. Kits to be made available in bookstores worldwide.

2. A.S.K as a registered qualification for Therapists.

3. 50 Therapists on the A.S.K. website, offering 1:1 sessions internationally.

4. Conduct A.S.K. seminars globally.

Can you please brief us a little about A.S.K. – A Serenity Kit and the sessions for our readers?

Sure!  This Therapist in a KIT is a 3 step subconscious re-wiring technique that creates major change. This technique combines universal law, emotional freedom and the knowledge of learned behaviours and subconscious pay-offs to revolutionize people’s experiential realities.  A.S.K. is transformational and the results have so far been astounding. The following are some of the real life changes: –

  • Insomnia was cleared permanently within 20 minutes.
  • Changed a 17 year relationship issue in 30 minutes.
  • After 25 minutes, a wife was able to release the death of her husband of 35 years.
  • A new job was acquired within 4 weeks of doing the technique.
  • An entrepreneur saw rising profit for the 1st time in years.

The KITs include a book, audiobook, video tutorial, worksheets and fridge magnets. A.S.K. sessions are also available online or face to face.  Further support is available at

How important is something like A.S.K. in today’s world?

In a world full of stress, we need tools to be able to deal with our emotional pain.  We can do this by identifying behaviours that are hurting us and then following a concrete plan for change.  A.S.K. helps people to achieve that quickly.

Where can our readers grab their personal KIT?

Alosra at Saar & Amwaj, Jashanmal at City Centre & at the airport and Words Bookstore Café, Budaiya.  Also we ship worldwide if you order online.  Many are buying them as gifts for loved ones.  Our first batch sold out in 8 weeks.

Having been here in the Kingdom for so long, are you satisfied with the work you have been able to do so far?

Yes very satisfied. I have built a successful practice and helped many people.  I want to continue to guide, to share, to heal.  I am now doing behavioural work with kids, having launched recently an anti-bullying and confidence training called “Little Warrior”.

Finally, can our readers have the three magic words that can help them lead a successful life?

Practice fearless faith.

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