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Pre-employment Health Check-up Service Improved!

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Delivering quality government services for the public has rapidly matured in Bahrain during the past years. Today, citizens and residents face an easier process when conducting their government transactions than ever before – and the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) is seeing to that!

The national portal (bahrain.bh) enables businessmen, investors and employers to complete all transactions and services by shifting the services from public medical facilities to several private hospitals. The ‘Pre-Employment Health Check-up for Expatriate Workers’ enhanced service shortens waiting time of having a health check-up appointment from 3-4 months down to only 1 week – resulting in 92% attendance of appointments. What’s better, results demonstrate that since the launch of the system, nearly 93% of the fitness report certificates were processed within 1 week – when previously issued during 1 month!

The Ministry of Health – in collaboration with iGA, Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and the National Health Regulatory Authority – provide employers with the option to accelerate timespan of procedures via the two types of services completed at the 26 licensed private medical facilities involved and fully trained on the new system. Accessible in LMRA’s website and Bahrain.bh, the ‘Standard’ service enables the employer to book appointments assigned based on availability across these facilities. The ‘Premium’ enables employers to choose and benefit from a wide range of medical facilities (costs follow the standard rate of medical facilities/service providers).

Upon the arrival of the expatriate employees to the Bahrain International Airport, employees’ fingerprints are captured electronically then assigned an appointment based on the type of service selected by the employer. The Authority has also made it possible to verify expatriate employees’ identify through their fingerprints before making the required check-ups.

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To deliver high-level, high-quality government services to citizens and residents; iGA simplified government procedures to ease and speed the check-up medical process for private and public sector employees together with their families. Additionally, avoid any delays by saving employers time knowing their new joiners’ health conditions on whether they are fit for the job to commence work or must return home. The issued fitness reports proved that 99% of attended expats were fit for the required jobs.

For any suggestions or enquiries, please contact the National Suggestions & Complaints System ‘Tawasul’ at Bahrain.bh/tawasul.

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