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Predictions For The Digital Revolution by Dr. Jassim Haji

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Analysts believe, 2019 is going to be the year for business enterprises who have been waiting to finally get on board to witness a plethora of advancements for their industry. What are the technology disruptions we expect next year? New and innovative uses for machine learning across industries? Impact of artificial intelligence in education? Human and machine interaction evolving further? The rise of AI-powered assistants? This is just the starting of the digital revolution, so let’s educate ourselves on what the mavens of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are predicting for the months ahead.

New and Innovative Uses for Machine Learning Across Industries

Food and Beverages

The Food and Beverages industry is experimenting with machine learning by using the technology to predict which items will run out of stock within a specified timeframe. This timely prediction has huge cost benefit, which helps to keep a balance between the high demand for commodities like milk, mineral water, salt and supply of the same.


The US Army is currently using machine learning to predict when fighter vehicles need maintenance or repair. A serious thought on this will make you realize that there are millions of pieces of equipment that the Army uses on regular basis. So in order to keep track of the data involved, the Army is taking help of an AI assistant. For the first cut deployment, a few scores of armored infantry vehicles will receive sensors inside of their engines. These sensors will record temperature and RPM (revolutions-per-minute), then transmit it to the software. Machine learning capabilities will look for patterns in the data that match engine failures in similar vehicles.


Now just imagine if your car could do this. AAA benefits might become obsolete if your car could tell you that the transmission is about to crap out on you. If the army is benefitting from the technology, I’m sure the day is not far till we experience it in the civilian world. Self-driving autonomous cars are live examples of smart usage of artificial intelligence.

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Life Sciences and Healthcare

Life Sciences and Healthcare industry is also unraveling potential new uses for this technology. Recently Google did a pilot project on artificial intelligence. They have begun to predict the chances of a patient’s death using machine learning with a staggering 95% accuracy. AI created by the company looks at the variables of a patient’s health records, account demographics, health history, and other factors. It then predicts the probability of the patient’s death within the stipulated hours of hospitalization. That sounds a bit despondent when you first hear about it. However, think of the impact it could have on the healthcare industry. The timely predictions can enable medical practitioners to take appropriate action. Machine learning could help save millions of lives, isn’t that amazing? And the days are numbered by when we will start reaping the actual benefits.


by Dr. Jassim Haji

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