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PUMA collaborates with Middle Eastern athletes on “You vs. You” campaign

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Global sports brand PUMA is collaborating with five Middle Eastern athletes from the region to launch its inspirational new “You vs You” campaign. Featuring fitness coach Nour Cheaito, World Triathlon coach Ramona Khalife, 100m national record holder Aziza Sbaity, footballer and movement practitioner Mahdi Khamassi, and athlete Jadd Salem.

As part of its commitment to pushing sports and culture forward, PUMA latest campaign places the athletes’ stories from the region in the spotlight focusing on self-motivation, breaking barriers, transcending limits and becoming the best version of one’s self by competing against only one’s self for inspiration.

Ensuring to cater to all athletes across all categories and sports, the campaign features a diverse range of training and running for women and men incorporating modest activewear and hijab products.

You vs. You campaign is centered around the ideas of personal progress and self-improvement, where individuals can experience a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that is unmatched by external validation. The campaign message is further brought to life with its specially-designed product line tailored to deliver self-excellence training performance.

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Driving the inspiration of the campaign, participating athletes provided their insight on the motivation behind You vs You.

Runner Ramona Khalife: “I want to build a community where women of all races can communicate and continue to support and take care of each other, celebrate their success and give them a space to feel their own strength. That is power.”

Sprinter Aziza Sbaity: “The only thing we chase are dreams and goals. The most beautiful thing about sprinting is how the world disappears and everything goes silent. In those few seconds, all you feel is freedom and all you have is tunnel vision. It’s just you, in your own lane.”

Placing motivational athlete stories in its core narrative, “You vs. You” aims to inspire individuals to challenge themselves and ultimately achieve personal growth within running and training.

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