Qatar food production in spotlight at Foodex 2017


    Qatar food production industry accounts for approximately 7% of the country’s domestic consumption.  It depends mainly on food imports for local needs.

    Qatar is the most urbanized nations among the GCC states.  Urban lifestyles have raised the standard of living of individuals and changed their eating pattern, resulting in a shift in the diet towards protein rich foods as well as packaged and fast food.  Consumption of such premium products has contributed to the growth of the food industry.

    Foodex Qatar will strengthen the Qatari food industry to meet the standards of rising expatriate population, tourism, and developing tastes of Western foods.

    Qatar is an important business hub in the GCC. Qatar has highest per capita income among the GCC countries. With an enviable economic outlook and a high disposable income, food consumption in Qatar is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% up to 2017.

    To open new vistas for international food and beverage entrepreneurs to foray into the emerging markets of Qatar and to provide an excellent platform for food and drink manufacturers as well as processing technology companies to market and promote their products, technology and services.