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Quarantine Introspection by Riya Bhansali

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This will be the mark of a new era, where everything is wiped off and we all have a clean slate moving ahead. A rebirth where we can choose to rewrite with awareness what we want, find new patterns to innovate.

From hustling to stillness. A standstill. The effects of Covid-19 have made a permanent impact. Human patterns of spending and consumption have changed drastically. From a time where every luxury was a need, we are now forced to stick to our needs. No amount of luxury gave any advantage to anyone. It is a perfect time to let go off all redundant things.

Decades of scientific research show that how we make meaning out of situations can leave us vulnerable to unhelpful, out-of-proportion anxiety. When our environment is inherently ambiguous—open to interpretation and unknown outcomes—our interpretations matter. They matter a lot. Ambiguity breeds anxiety; more so when the “facts” change hourly.

 I personally enjoyed that people were learning new skills and reliving their hobbies. It also gave us time to connect with our loved ones, making us adapt to the new normal.

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I took it as a perfect time to dwell into the past, to pause and to reflect. As a life coach, I did this process of reflection by answering simple questions.…Very useful… Try it out!

1. What new activities or old hobbies did you enjoy doing?

2. What’s one thing you would change about your lifestyle permanently?

3. What’s the one redundant activity you were forced to let go of that was previously impossible?

4. Identify your closest people. How can you manage to keep in touch on a regular basis?

5. What’s the one life lesson you remember moving ahead?

This made me aware of the basics. I felt more centered prioritizing what mattered and will keep these lessons in mind moving ahead..

Since it is not the biological characteristics of the virus that are most dangerous. Rather, it is how people behave towards it that really matters. COVID-19 has shown it has the ability to overwhelm healthcare systems around the world. So how people behave in response to the real and perceived risks they face is a key factor in tackling the pandemic.

Lets keep ourselves centered during this situation.

Riya Bhansali 
Yoga Teacher and Life Coach 
Follow her on 
Youtube :- Riya Bhansali,
Instagram :- Riyyog

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