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Ramadan Experience Reimagined!

Chef Hanan shows us how to make Dolma, in keeping with the traditional Arabic flavours of the month.

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The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain is prepared for an unprecedented Ramadan celebration as it presents a haven of hospitality and personalized service for guests for the duration of the Holy Month.

The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain invites visitors to dine with family and friends in the most majestic venue created specifically for the occasion; The Glow Ramadan Lounge . With a wide selection of traditional Bahraini cuisine, guests can look forward to an awe-inspiring, unforgettable culinary experience.

Be prepared to be absolutely mesmerized with a thirteen meter high dome-shaped pavilion, complemented by large see-through verandas to revel under the night’s sky at The Glow Ramadan Lounge.

The venue boasts a large dining area with oversized seats welcoming up to 200 loungers from sunset to sunrise. This oasis has been created solely for the Holy Month of Ramadan. Yet, the focal point of The Glow is an avant-garde car display, rotating on a daily basis and showcasing the world’s most leading edge engines.

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This epicurean odyssey offers a 40 square meter foodie-verse where seasonal-inspired favorites of kushari (combination of vegetables), ouzi, shawarma, lekemet (dough balls fried and dipped in date syrup and powdered sugar) and kham (soft dough balls flavored with honey), blend in with the most exuberant culinary creations such as the Arabic sushi line, and the Halwa or dried fruits flavored macaroon collection.

The luminous décor, fusion cuisine, chilled vibes of the DJ, and state-of-the-art architecture of The Glow is designed to make guests set a social trend of their own as they indulge in a stylish Ramadan experience re-imagined by The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.

Bahrain This Week’s Chef of the Week, Chef Hanan shows us how to make Dolma, in keeping with the traditional Arabic flavours of the month.

Lebanese zucchinis (baby zucchinis)
Baby potatoes
Minced beef for stuffing
Arabic spices

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