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Sports This WeekRashid Equestrian Club holds 14th race

Rashid Equestrian Club holds 14th race

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In the presence of the Chairman of the High Committee of the Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, held the season’s 14th race at its racecourse in Riffa.

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Their Highnesses shaikhs, and representatives of the sponsors attended the seven-round race, held over the Al-Sharif Group cups, the Crown Industries cups, Al A’ali Sprint and the Waho cup for Arabian horses.

Executive Director of the Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, Shaikh Salman bin Rashid Al Khalifa, crowned trainer, Yussef Tahar, the winner of the Waho Cup.

Hussain Ali Al-Sharif presented the trophy of the third round to winning owner Mohammed Khalid Abdulrahim, the trophy of the fourth round to winning trainer, James Naylor, and that of the sixth round to HH Shaikh Hashim bin Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa.

Meanwhile, Adel Aseeri presented the trophies of the two Crown Industries’ Cups to Fawzi Nass.

Shaikh Duaij bin Salman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa also presented the trophy of the Al-A’ali Sprint Cup to Fawzi Nass.

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