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‘RCM’ Supports New ‘Alia’ Comprehensive Autism Centre

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Stemming from its solid commitment to support purposeful social development initiatives, the Rotary Club of Manama (RCM), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communication Difficulties (BSCBCD) to sponsor its vocational training programme that is aimed to develop the skills of children with autism.

The MoU was signed in the presence of board members from both organisations at the Alia Early Intervention Centre, and it stipulates that RCM sponsors the vocational therapy classroom planned for the youth programme, which comes as part of several other programmes that will be introduced by the newly-founded Alia Comprehensive Autism Centre (ACAC).

RCM will sponsor the classroom within ACAC, providing it with essential facilities and furniture. The vocational therapy classroom will focus on skill sets and hands-on-learning in a simulated work environment and allows participating autistic students to develop skills that can be used in the workplace. Additionally, the classes would prepare students for a specific trade or career area that emphasises practical learning and the application of knowledge.

The programme comes within a set of individualised Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programmes and services that will be provided by ACAC to children and families across Bahrain. The programmes, which are aimed at young children and young adults, are designed to teach the critical skills children need to lead productive and happy lives.

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ACAC is set to become a community leader that provides a unique blend of in-centre ABA therapies that are necessary to build essential socialisation and development skills for autistic students.

On the occasion, BSCBCD President Dr Shaikha Rania bint Ali Al Khalifa stated: “We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to RCM for their initiative to support our mission and cause. Our focus at the society is to provide the means for children to be educated and trained so they can be integrated into society, where they can be productive citizens. Our challenge is to provide the best possible training to as many autistic individuals as possible within Bahrain and overcoming limitations in resources, whether human (trainers) or financial. Building awareness is a starting point and we look forward to having the same activity next year.”

RCM President Ms. Roaya Baqer said: “We would like to thank Dr Shaikha Rania for giving RCM the opportunity to be part of the Youth Training Centre which will help challenged youth with special needs such as autism and behavioural difficulties get the chance to enhance their vocational skills and be ready for future job markets. We are always happy to contribute to such a great and impactful project.”

BSCBCD’s mission revolves around promoting lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals with behavioural and communication difficulties, and their families, to be fully participating included members of their community. Education, advocacy at all levels, active public awareness and the promotion of research form the cornerstones of the society’s efforts to carry forth its mission.

RCM forms part of Rotary International, which is the world’s first service club organisation and includes over 1.2 million members worldwide. Since its inception in 1965, RCM members have been actively participating and organising key community initiatives and projects, aiming to contribute towards societal needs and make a valuable addition to the development of the community.

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