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UAE’s Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Ministry of Interior’s Cinematic Awards (MOICA), announced that Emirati filmmaker Abdullah Hassan Ahmed has won the Ministry of Interior’s Award, along with a staggering prize of USD 100,000 for ‘Best Societal Screenplay’.
The announcement of the deserving winner took place during the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), where director Abdullah Ahmed won the MoI ‘Best Societal Screenplay’ Award for his film titled ‘Sunrise’. The prize falls in line with the UAE MoI’s endeavours to support Emirati and Arab talents and to develop the film industry in the Arab world. This is achieved by empowering innovative individuals and supporting them to produce noble material that addresses the issues of all segments of the society in a constructive, purposeful and unconventional manner that does not resort to a negative approach or criticism. This would serve the strategies of the ministry in regards to spreading stability, security and safety in society. Moreover, Saeed Salmeen’s ‘Going to Heaven’ film won the Emirati Muhr Award for the Best Feature Film. Salmeen had won the MoI Cinema Awards for ‘Best Societal Screenplay’ with this film in 2014. This is testament that the valuable support extended by the MoI to creative individuals has achieved the desired goals in promoting and supporting the Arab film industry. Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari said, “We are delightfully happy to see that the film ‘Going to Heaven’ has won the Emirati Muhr Award for the Best Feature Film, and that the Emirati filmmaker Abdullah Hassan Ahmed’s film titled ‘Sunrise’ won the Best Societal Screenplay award. Both awards are a clear call for more opportunities to encourage further creativity and innovative individuals to address societal issues, based on an unconventional approach, and to renew the MoI’s partnership with the Dubai International Film Festival as a key enabler for such endeavours.” In conclusion, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari expressed his hopes for writers to take part in shedding light on societal issues in a constructive manner that provides solutions to address such issues and involves community members so as to become an integral part of the solution. This may be achieved through innovative and unconventional methods. Emirati filmmaker Abdullah Hassan Ahmed, Director of ‘Sunrise’ said:
“Emirati filmmakers are fortunate to have such a highly coveted and envied award,” noting that the MoI provides unrelenting support to all innovative Emirati individuals. Abdullah Hassan Ahmed expressed his happiness with winning this award and praised the MoI’s efforts and commitment to provide community members with security, peace of mind and opportunities to fulfill their dreams. He also noted that the Ministry is a role model to be emulated, not only as a security entity, but most importantly as a social entity that supports Emirati talents. He expressed his heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the MoI’s officials, the organisers of the festival, and all entities that support innovative and creative national talents and encourage them to participate in such international events.

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