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Recycling for Greener Environment

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Jid Hafs Community Centre organized a seminar themed “Basics of waste recycling for a sustainable green environment“.

The lecture was presented by agrarian experts Riyadh Safwan and Fadhil Hameed, in association with Al Mussalla Charity Society, marking the Environment Month 2016.

The workshop began with an introduction about the ways and means of optimum utilization of natural resources and the importance of waste recycling to preserve ecology. The lecturer defined the types of waste materials which can be recycled and/or reused. He warned about the type of waste which cannot be recycled or reused as it constitutes a health hazard to humans and damages the environment. The workshop explained the benefit of domestic waste recycling for agricultural purposes.

Discussion ensued and queries were raised regarding how to benefit from domestic waste materials.

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The large audience praised this type of invaluable workshops, thanking the management of Jid Hafs Community Centre for its keenness and continuous attentiveness to what will enhance the cultural enlightenment of community members.

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