Redbull Daredevil Jokke Summer!

"Only sitting and playing video games is MORE DANGEROUS than my job!" _ Jokke Sommer

Jokke Sommer successfully completed his testing jump early morning before the start of the WEC race at Bahrain International Circuit

Tell us a little bit about yourself..

My name is Jokke summer & I am twenty eight years old from Norway, I am a wing suit proximity flyer originally which is an extreme sport that lets you fly across nature between trees and all these weird places. I also like to surf as a hobby and go sky diving a lot for training and stuff like this, in short I enjoy extreme sports.

Tell us about your experience being in Bahrain for the First time ?

I love it I think it’s a beautiful country, for some reason I fell in love with the Middle east and I am planning to move to it. There are beautiful buildings here in Bahrain that I hopefully want to do something special with in the upcoming year. I really feel welcomed in this country with all its warm people offering amazing treatment, indeed I simply love it.

So your immediate thought whenever you see a building is “Can I Jump off this building”?

YES that’s like instant reflex on my mind! And the buildings here in Bahrain are very interesting for example the world trade center I want to do something which will be the biggest stunt in my life with it and will definitely put Bahrain on the map!

You opened up for the Six hours race that happened in the BIC can you tell us about this crazy jump !

We checked out the wind and made sure everything is okay then got up on the chopper and circled around until we decided on a nice spot and then we jump and create a show! This time it was having the Redbull drifter drifting his way on land while I am flying and then when I almost hit the landing area he was drifting around me and I hope everybody enjoyed that show and the tricks because I certainly enjoyed my time.

As a Redbull athlete can you share your interesting moments, positives and negatives of this extreme sport ?

In the end I don’t have so many bad moments except the fact that you are in a sport that does kill a lot of your friends, ofcourse it’s a very big down side of it. But the positive side is EVERYTHING, the traveling the adrenaline the people you get to meet, its so interesting especially when you combine your passion with business. Thanks to Redbull and my other sponsors who made it possible for me to achieve those moments in my life where I feel like I grew as a human being, and indeed we have our funny moments and the good times with the friends doing these abnormal things that I was dreaming about since I was a kid.

How did you get into this dangerous sport, was it always your dream ?

I had dreams before of maybe becoming a pilot but actually my biggest dream was to be an astronaut..

So you always wanted to fly !

Haha YEAH I really was dreaming of flying things when I was younger, I didn’t know that I will be able to fly myself and I am very happy that I can do that now. And have my passion as my job. I am also very humbled and thankful that you just gotta enjoy the moments!

What message would you like to give all the youth out there who have dreams just like you did ?

When I grew up I was very bad in school in the beginning the teachers didn’t give me much attention and they actually said that I would never become something and stuff like this. In the end growing up in this time is a major challenge, it has a lot of pressure and things to figure out from the society and how the system works it’s really important for you to ignore the people who try to let you down and just follow your passion without being afraid to getting hurt or failure because if you are not following what you really want to do and if you don’t enjoy the moments you have on this planet, you are failing anyways! If you are spending time doing things that you don’t like to do then it’s just a waste of your time. I believe everyone is different and but as long as you put the main focus on the side and do what you love, it will take you far because passion gives you what you need in life to survive. Life is just a game and you need to play it well for your own sake.

Don’t follow other’s footsteps was Jokke’s last advice for our readers. What an incredible inspirational personality, we were more than happy to see him live in action and get this exclusive interview with him. We wish him all the best and hope we see him again in Bahrain soon!