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Relieving Stress through Yoga

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In Yoga stress is indicative of imbalance. The imbalance is both at the physical and mental levels when there is excessive speed, in demanding situations, which causes pain leading to diseases and ailments.

The Yoga Sutras, an ancient text on Yoga mentions about the interruptions that prevent us from living clearly. It is explained how we can recognize when one of these interruptions takes away our joy when we experience one of the following symptoms:-

1. Pain

2. Negative Thinking

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3. Anxiety

4. Irregular Breathing

The above symptoms are clearly indicative of stress and the ancient yogis had this figured out thousands of years before the modern psychologists came around and spoke about the same thing with medical terminology.

Pain refers to mental discomfort and it is quite impossible to live our best life with an anguished mind.

Negative thinking only causes frustration, sadness and worry for a person indulging in it.

Anxiety causes nervousness, restlessness and an inability to be at ease with oneself.

Irregular breathing patterns are another symptom of anxiety and panic.Shallow, rapid breathing can affect our shoulders, neck and upper body and also deprive us of deep rest and relaxation.

In the Yoga Sutras, Sage Patanjali gives key ways to manage the stresses created through the above symptoms.

We will talk about these tools next week till then, breathe deeply, live consciously and work on keeping the harmony between your mind and body.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Yoga Expert


Instagram: – yoga_me_and_more

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