Replacement Programme for Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung Note7

Samsung is committed to providing the highest quality products to its customers and it is also committed totally to deal seriously with any reports received from its valued customers.

With regards to the few incidents of “Samsung Note7” reported recently, Samsung has conducted the necessary research and investigation of the battery used in this device. Since beginning of September 2016, only a few incidents which are less than 35 cases have been reported worldwide. Samsung is currently conducting a thorough inspection with all its suppliers to identify the devices that may have been affected in the market including the Bahrain market.

In order to ensure the safety of its customers which is an absolute priority, Samsung has temporarily stopped the sale of the “Samsung Note7” device. As for the customers who have a “Samsung Note7”Samsung will replace the current device with a new device in the coming weeks, hence the customers are kindly requested to call the “Samsung Customer Care” at (80004726) which will direct the customers accordingly.

Samsung in coordination with the “Consumer Protection Directorate” under the “Ministry of Industry & Commerce (MOIC)” is publishing this message to communicate the information to its valued customers.

Samsung acknowledges the inconvenience that may have been caused, but will make every effort to continue providing the highest quality products.

Bin Hindi Informatics, the authorized distributors and after sales service providers are closely working with Samsung to provide the replacement to ensure peace of mind for their valued customers.