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Modern Road Art Show presents TRANSCEND.

A curated art show featuring series of new and recent works as well as the unique Cardiac works by London based International artist Taline Temizian. In this show fifty two Works will be presented that range from paper, multi-media pieces and sculpture to projection and canvases, all of which talk about the Transcendental state of the heart and it’s relationship to the brain in a complex world of stories, networks and hence endless possibilities and consequences that surround us.

Rethinking these boundaries and possibilities and expanding the horizon into a new, hopeful and happier realities. Showcasing The Cardiac series – Stage 1 , The Cardiac conceptual pieces and more minimalist post-conceptual works that draw inspiration from a long autobiographical journey that tells the story of the Middle East from the artist’s looking glass immigrating these stories and imagery to the West to a “New World” and examines MEMORY in the “New World Order” through a super-connected planet and networks but lonelier and more somber. “The Cardiac theme (the anatomical heart) has travelled years through my artistic experimentations and entered a rather algorithmic terrain, a new network and a new universe with unpredictable set of processes and systems, autobiographic and academic inputs and numerous destinations with happier and darker tones simultaneously, celebrating and embracing a Transhumanist future that comprises of SCIENCE, NATURE & TECHNOLOGY.. Having Love on top of this agenda!” Taline Temizian The show aims at taking us on a journey that Transcends the daily perception into the deeper level of brain, soul and imagination explaining reality from a completely new perspective.. offering new insights and hence new possibilities. During the same period of the show, the artist will also showcase her art film in Brussels during Art Brussels then to participate in an exciting project during Venice Biennale 2017.

Modern Road Art Show also considering upcoming artists for its future shows which will be held in different venues.

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An Opening reception will be held on the 2nd of May 2017 At La Fountaine, From 6 to 9 pm. All are welcome to attend.

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