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Review: WebEx and GoToMeeting meet their match

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Thomas Friedman famously announced that the world is flat in his 2005 book of that name; he was writing about globalization. In Friedman’s view, VoIP, file sharing, and wireless were the “steroids” that have accelerated the flattening of global commerce. Today I’d add video over Internet, which has become more and more prevalent as bandwidth has improved.

I used GoToMeeting for several years. In general, audio quality was good and has improved. Video quality can vary, but is much better if you use HD. If you haven’t tried it, GoToMeeting offers a free Lite version with video and screen sharing for up to three people, which you can use without even signing up, and a 30-day GoToMeeting test-drive. GoToMeeting lets you record meetings and save them on your own disk, but you’ll have to convert the recordings after the meeting before they will be usable.

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