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Reynaers Middle East Holds Series of Activities to Boost Team-building Concepts

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In line with Reynaers Aluminium’s internal ongoing campaign launched in February to renew its core values, the regional office of the Belgium-based aluminium solutions provider Reynaers Middle East held a series of events at its Bahrain headquarters and warehouse.

This was followed by a large regional event at the Dubai office, where team members from Jordan, Egypt, Qatar and Iraq travelled to the UAE to participate in group activities. 

“So far, our journey has been very intense and the challenges of the past few years have not made things any easier. Yet, we have shown resilience and we are growing every year,” said Mr. Dirk Bontridder, CEO of the Reynaers Group.

He continued: “‘How do we do it?’ you might ask. Well, you do not have to be a part of this family for long to understand the uniqueness of our company. The reason we all work so well together and continue to do so, even in challenging times, is because of the values we share.”

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Explaining further, Mr. Ali Khalaf, Managing Director of Reynaers Middle East, said: “The four core values are titled Daring, Caring, Passionate and United. These values are deep rooted within the Reynaers Group and the campaign was launched across various countries and markets to reinforce the sentiment behind each of these values and how each employee needs to embrace them in his or her daily life.”

Elaborating more on these values, Mr. Khalaf said: “At Reynaers, we challenge the status quo – we are ‘daring’; we are ‘passionate’, where we give the best of ourselves; we are ‘caring’ – we take care of our colleagues, partners, suppliers, society and the world we live in; and stay ‘united’, feeling, acting and behaving as part of a family.”

He stated that the Company has been reinforcing these core values within its staff and said that only when these values are fully embraced internally can the company extend them to its stakeholders, including its customers, partners, and suppliers.

The series of events and activities held in the region focused on the common values expected of each Reynaers employee and were shared across a wide spectrum of nationalities and cultures.

“While these values were instilled through fun-filled activities and team-building concepts, the campaign served to convey the important and thought-provoking precepts behind Reynaers’s core values,” Mr. Khalaf added.

Reynaers Aluminium specialises in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain-walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.

It is part of the Reynaers Group, which enfolds its several diverse companies in three business units, namely aluminium architectural solutions (Reynaers Aluminium), steel architectural solutions and building products. Founded in 1965, the Reynaers Group is active in more than 70 countries worldwide with 40 subsidiaries and 2,400 employees.

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