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Rotary Club of Manama Sheds Light on Sustainable Marketing During its Weekly Meeting

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As part of its tireless efforts to raise awareness with the aim of providing sound information from specialists in various fields, the Rotary Club of Manama (RCM) has recently hosted in its weekly meeting Ms. Ghizlane Rahali, Founder of Pi Strategica, one of the innovative marketing companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, who delivered an online lecture titled “Vision of Sustainability – Race to Regeneration”.

During her lecture, Ms. Ghizlane reviewed with the attendees the concept of sustainable marketing, highlighting that it has become one of the distinctive methods of promotion adopted by establishments, in addition to serving as a product and marketing strategy for the brand. The meeting was attended by the RCM President Osama Almoayed, and a number of guests and club members.

Additionally, Ms. Ghizlane explained the means to implement the concept of sustainable marketing and its direct impact in the future on the commercial activities of establishments, local communities and individuals. She also underlined the pivotal role played by this type of marketing by developing a strategy that ensures companies and commercial establishments maintain the sustainability of their customers, as well as the sustainability of their products and resources.

The attendees participated in an open discussion with Ms. Ghizlane on several topics related to the concept of sustainable marketing and the means to apply it in establishments operating in various local economic sectors, while she, in turn, answered their questions and inquiries.

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Ms. Ghizlane also expressed gratitude and appreciation to RCM, headed by President Osama Almoayed, for the Club’s keenness to shed light on issues of interest to the Bahraini society and contribute to its development and enrichment.

RCM forms part of Rotary International, which is the world’s first service club organisation and includes over 1.2 million members worldwide. Since its inception in 1965, RCM members have been actively participating and organising key community initiatives and projects, aiming to contribute towards societal needs and make a valuable addition to the development of the community.

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