Rotary Club Raft Race

The Rotary Club of Salmaniya announces that registration for the Charity fund raising event the Raft Race.

The club invites all sectors of business, individuals and institutions to participate in the largest annual sporting charitable event in the Kingdom. It will be on April 17, 2020 at Al Bandar Hotel and Resort. The theme this race is “Home of Hope”. Aiming to use all proceeds to restore and rehabilitate the homes of Bahraini families with low incomes.

The head of the Raft Race and the Incoming Rotary Club President for year 2020/2021, Amira Ismail stresses that the race is organised from the club’s social role. The keenness to develop and promote charitable volunteer work in the Kingdom through participation in development and initiatives.

The theme “Home of Hope” reflects the social values inherent in the Bahrain society. The aim of the race is to raise funds to use in the restoration and rehabilitation of a number of homes of Bahraini families. Primarily those living in difficult conditions. The club is extending this opportunity to all individuals, institutions who participate in the race to benefit the people who desperately need their homes to be restored.

Ismail praised the great efforts made by all members of the club. Their desire to continue the successes of this charitable event. It has become one of the largest charitable sporting events in the Kingdom. A unique example of how to link sports with charitable goodness.

The 41th edition of the “Raft Race” event will witness many happy surprises for the team participating and for visitors. Training is open until the 15th of April.