Sunday, June 20, 2021

    RP Foundation to Extend a Helping Hand amidst the Pandemic

    Dr. B Ravi Pillai, Managing Director of RP Group, always lent his support for the homeland as he expanded his business empire in the Middle East. 

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    The NRI business tycoon has recently announced Rs150 million ( BD 775,000 ) fund to help his countrymen who have been hit hard by the pandemic, Covid-19.

    The fund will be immediately distributed among the needy and deserving people. RO Group Foundation has been actively taking part in the COVID response since the beginning of the Pandemic. The Pandemic has adversely affected many lives globally and shattered the business sector. Many families have lost their breadwinners and many children have lost their parents.

    “Under the leadership of RP Foundation, many countries have participated in Covid prevention activities and provided financial assistance to many families. RP Group also has joined hands with Kerala State Government to set up a Covid treatment center that can accommodate 250 patients at Chavara, Sankaramangalam School. 

    Dr. B Ravi Pillai said that the RP Foundation aims to bring help to as many people who are facing financial difficulties due to Covid. RP Foundation is currently conducting many charitable activities in India and abroad. More than 85 crore rupees have been spent on this so far.

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