Say it from the Heart with Fatoom – Handmade cards for every occasion

In conversation with Fatima Al Samahiji, founder, Fatoom Cards

fatima BFA exhibitionGiving a breath of fresh air to the greeting cards sector of the Kingdom is Fatoom Cards. This pet project of Fatima Al Samahiji, an Interior Design graduate, is finally finding its spot among the other well known brands in the nation. Having grown up in a house full of art tools, fabrics, colours and brushes, Fatima has had a childhood that taught her to be an excellent craftsman. Read on to know more about this upcoming e- commerce entrepreneur and her enterprise.

So, Fatoom Cards is your passion towards art turned reality….? 

Yes. That is true. Since my childhood, I felt passionately towards the art of making handmade cards. Finally I am having my dream come true by introducing the beauty and uniqueness of such cards to the public.

You are into interior design and fashion design. Now you are giving new definition to your love of art through handmade greeting cards. How do you connect the three in your life?

I am a professionally qualified interior designer and fashion designing comes is a passion. But handmade cards have a special place as they were the first thing that I started making on my own as a kid. And I connect all three of them with my love towards art and they are inseparable.

How did you get attracted to recycling? We remember seeing your recycled plastic dress at a fashion ramp some time back. 

Since my school days, I have been participating in different programs related to environment conservation. Recycling as a part of keeping our environment healthy had always been my interest. The recyclable fashion show you mentioned was the perfect platform for me to bring together my love towards fashion designing and the environment. And believe me the dress was a real challenge and I am happy that the audience accepted it.

20150326_172758Do you use recycled paper to create the cards for Fatoom? 

As of now, I use few recycled materials for decorating my cards but using recycled paper is one of my plans for the future.

From where do you draw the inspiration to create such fabulous cards?

I get inspired from the world around me. But it is important for me that these inspirations come straight from my heart. It is only then the cards made will reflect the passion with which it’s been created.

Do u remember the first greeting card you made and for whom? 

Yes… I do! It was the one I made for my mother on Mother’s Day. I still remember the surprise on my sister’s face. This encouraged me to continue making cards.

From where can our readers grab one of Bahrain’s very own hand made Fatoom Cards?

You can check the Instagram page for Fatoom Cards – fatoom_cards, and can place the order for the designs you like.