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SCW, MOICT partner to lead women-owned enterprises into global markets through Export Bahrain

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The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MOICT) have announced their new collaboration through “Export Bahrain” in developing and intensifying Bahraini exports and facilitating entry into the global markets.


The aim is to support Bahraini women-owned projects by providing them with facilities and consultations to develop their products and services in order to enhance their participation in regional and international trade.

Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and Chairman of SME Development Board Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani commended the new collaboration inked between MOICT and SCW.

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“Bahraini women enjoy a global outlook, and this collaboration will provide confidence and create new outlets of export opportunities for Bahraini women,” he said.

“By utilizing Export Bahrain, women-owned businesses can scale and expand their business into new markets, and tap into global opportunities. Supporting women has always been at the heart of all our endeavors and this collaboration will seek to reinforce these efforts and accelerate growth opportunities for women business owners.

Export Bahrain is a critical national initiative that will push the role of women exporters in the Kingdom by joining their efforts and resources in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Women.”

The minister expressed his gratitude for the efforts taken by SCW, led by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of His Majesty the King.

“The Supreme Council for Women has led notable nation-wide programs and initiatives to develop the participation of women and their contribution to the national economy, especially amidst this challenging time,” he said.

Supreme Council for Women Secretary General Hala Al Ansari said that the cooperation with MOICT and “Export Bahrain” was established in accordance with the mandate of the SCW to support the participation of women in public life as well as integrate their efforts in national developmental plans.

The objective of the program is follow-up the implementation of one of the initiatives of the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women dedicated to raising the competitiveness of Bahraini women, in addition to, diversifying their contribution to the national economy.

The collaboration is in line with the SCW’s partnerships with the various institutions concerned with economic development through services, facilities and support such as the Riyadat Financial Fund, business incubators with their administrative, consultancy, training and technical services such as the Riyadat Center, she added.

This newly developed program, comes at a very important time in light of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business sector as a whole, including women-owned projects.

She said the SCW will, through its “Remote Consultant” platform and its multiple services, direct the beneficiaries to the “Export Bahrain” program.

Al Ansari expressed confidence that both the SCW team and the “Export Bahrain” team will work together to provide Bahraini women entrepreneurs and business owners with the support and guidance necessary to develop their products and services according to international standards of competitiveness and quality, in a way that enhances their access to opportunities in global markets.

She noted that the collaboration will lead to creating more economic opportunities for business owners, working with a wider network of local and international partners to raise the balance of foreign trade through their exports.

The SCW Secretary General said Bahraini women have a major stake in the free market, owning 42% of active individual CRs (Commercial Registrations) in the first quarter of 2020, in addition to owning 48% of VCRs (Virtual Commercial Registrations), that can be implemented easily and conveniently on virtual business platforms across the globe.

Dr. Nasser Qaedi, Chief Executive of Export Bahrain, said that Export Bahrain has facilitated more than $32 million in exports over the 18 months since its inception, targeting 32 markets around the world.

“We have supported current and new exporters including women-owned companies which accounted for 20% of all exporters, and our support has spanned across multiple economic sectors to export various products and services,” he said.

“Export Bahrain has had an important role in taking Bahraini products and services to new markets and placing them on the global map as future competitors with other international brands. More than 25% of our exporters have access to new markets, more than 30% of exporters have exported for the first time, while more than 15% have exported services.”

He added, “our diversified practical solutions have been designed to create a successful export framework for all Bahraini exporting companies.”

“In order to create an ideal market without borders, Export Bahrain has provided customized solutions, including providing e-commerce solutions and export credit solutions to provide competitive credit terms, international links via the export facilitation platform, support for the shipping and logistics process, and support for smart market information for quick access to information related to other markets,” he said.

“Moreover, Export Bahrain provides solutions and tools for existing export projects and supports projects in Bahrain to start the export journey as well as its international growth in larger markets, because we want Bahraini companies to make their mark globally and to have their export potential recognized.”

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