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SeaWorld Yas Island celebrates Earth Day with An Ocean-Inspired Sand Mural on Yas North Beach

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In honor of World Earth Day, SeaWorld Yas Island, Abu Dhabi has created an inspirational sand mural on Yas North Beach, showcasing the beauty and diversity of our one ocean. The mural features a depiction of the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi logo, with the next-generation Marine Life Theme Park emphasizing its commitment to raising awareness for marine conservation and environmental protection. The sand mural is a powerful symbol of this commitment, and a celebration of the natural world that we all share.

This Earth Day, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has commissioned Nathaniel Alapide, Guinness world record holder for the largest sand mural ever created, to create a stunning 20m x 20m sand mural along the shores of Yas North Beach. The sand mural, which took 11 hours to complete, features nature-inspired designs and the park’s One Ocean story – “we are connected to the ocean, and the ocean connects all of us”.

Nathaniel Alapide shared his thoughts on the project, saying: “I am honored to collaborate with SeaWorld Abu Dhabi on this Earth Day initiative. Creating this sand mural is a unique way to remind everyone of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve our one ocean, and I hope it inspires people to take action for marine conservation.”

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s commitment to marine conservation is reflected in its initiatives to raise public awareness about these important topics, with multiple beach clean-ups held in partnership with Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue – the first-of-its-kind dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation and return center in the region inaugurated in February and now operational. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is committed to inspiring the public to care about marine life and raising awareness about marine conservation, environmental protection, and fostering a sense of stewardship for our one ocean. Through its conservation efforts, educational programs, and sustainability initiatives, the park hopes to play a leading role in advancing the cause of marine conservation not only in the UAE, but throughout the region.

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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will open on May 23rd, 2023. For more information on SeaWorld Abu Dhabi please visit the website.

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