Seef Properties, a leading real estate development company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has donated BD 5,000 to Injaz Bahrain.

The check was handed over to Ms. Marwa Hassan, Media and Business Development Officer at Injaz Bahrain during a ceremony attended by Mr. Ahmed Yousif, CEO of Seef Properties, along with the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Seef Properties and a member of the Seef Properties CSR Comittee, Mr. Zakaria Buallay.

In line with Seef Properties’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, the company is committed to providing the necessary support to a variety of social institutions, emphasizing their vital role in addressing the needs of different segments of society.

Ms. Marwa Hassan commended the company’s generous donation, which went towards INJAZ’s efforts in investing and instilling knowledge in Bahraini youth, by way of enhancing their skills in order to facilitate their eligibility in entering the job market.