In line with its ongoing CSR Strategy, Seef Properties recently donated BD15,000 to Taafi Drug Recovery Association.

The donation was handed by Seef Properties Chairman, Mr. Essa Najibi to the Association’s Financial Controller, Mr. Ahmed Salah Al Deen during the Seef Charity Ghabga which was held earlier in Ramadhan; and was made in the presence of Seef Properties CSR Committee Chairman Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed, Committee Member Mr. Anwar Ghuloom and the Company Board Member Mr. Fuad Taqi, along with the Chief Executive Officer of Seef Properties, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf.

The Association’s Financial Controller, Ahmed Salah Al Deen has expressed his gratitude and thanked Seef Properties for their continuous support. The donation will be used towards paying the Association’s Headquarters annual rent and to continuously provide support to the patients.

Seef Properties is committed towards its CSR strategy that aims to financially support charity organizations and NGOs in Bahrain all year round.