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Moving to Seef Mall has given Studio Ceramics a higher profile, says Anne Kesterton, joint proprietor of Studio Ceramics Paint your own Pottery in Seef Mall.

Home grown Studio Ceramics first opened in Bahrain in 2007, and since then has been serving adults and children for drop-in visits, field trips, birthday parties and other special events, championing the art-for-all market.

“Other Studios come and go, “ says Anne, “but we are here for the duration. We love our new bright airy studio space in Seef Mall.  Our customers love the convenient location and it’s a great way to pass an hour or two – and its not just for the kids!”

Studio Ceramics offers the opportunity for customers to choose a piece of pottery, paint it according to their own ideas or be inspired by the variety of resources available, and leave it with the shop to glaze and fire in the on-site kilns. Each unique Masterpiece is ready for collection in less than a week.

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“Many of our customers like to paint a series of pieces” says Anne. “People might paint say a tea service of cups and saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug and plates. They may paint them all themselves, or ask friends and family to paint some pieces. It is a lovely memento of happy time spent together.”

Items  which have been glazed and fired after painting are food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher proof, so plates and mugs make ideal personalized gifts. Studio Ceramics also offers a commission service for those who really don’t want to try it themselves, but as Anne stresses “Anyone can create a beautiful ceramic piece with no prior experience or artistic ability”.

“One of our best sellers”, says Anne, ”is hand and foot prints in clay, which are wonderful for preserving baby and child prints at a moment in time. The customer can choose the colour, and we can add the child’s name and the date. We can make the clay in the shape of a heart too!” she adds.

Studio Ceramics also offers school field trips, wet clay projects, corporate team building days, birthday parties in the wonderful party room behind the Studio, and Camps!

Anne Kesterton and her partner Sayra Naoumovitch own Studio Ceramics at Seef Mall, West Wing, 1st Floor. The shop is open from 10am to 10pm daily.

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