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Sendfiles.online: Finally, a replacement to the Firefox Send

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Big files can be a big problem for individuals and businesses. Today, a lot of data needs to be transferred between people and devices in a short period of time. A great file-sharing platform can create the most collaborative environment possible and increase productivity. But most file-sharing platforms come with limitations and prove to be unhelpful. Fortunately, here’s a platform that actually addresses the challenges of file-sharing and delivers a solution. 

Sendfiles.online is a unique tool that lets its users transfer files up to 100GB. It enables users to share the files with a download link. Users can send files up to 2GB for no cost. Its simple and user-friendly interface makes it easier and quicker to transfer data. 

Here’s how Sendfiles.online works. 

  • The users simply have to drag and drop or upload the files. 
  • Click the “Create download link” button. 
  • Enter a valid email address. 
  • The users can add a password for a secure file transfer. 
  • Create the download link and share it with their contacts. 

“One of the fastest ways to send large files up to 100GB on the internet.” – Lou Alcala, Sendfiles.online. 

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Sendfiles.online empowers its users to transfer files from PC to mobile devices. The users can also share large files on social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, iMessenger, Zoom, Skype, Slack, Hangout, and many more. Sendfiles.online gives you complete freedom to share your files conveniently. 

Sendfiles.online offers a personal link to its Pro members. This unique link is a URL that users can share with their contacts. People can directly upload files to the cloud storage of Pro members. It lets the Pro members take complete control over the uploads. They can turn the uploads on or off and decide when to accept the files. Lou Alcala, Founder of Sendfiles.online, is a tech enthusiast who designs products that solve real-world problems. Firefox Send allowed to send large files, but sadly, it went offline in 2020. Lou noticed that no software company offers a platform that enables users to send large files easily and quickly. He decided to develop a platform that emerges as a solution and empowers people to transfer files up to 100GB. After months of ideation, planning, and experimenting, Lou launched Sendfiles.online. He is also the co-founder of Travel.to a place where people can see spots in new areas suggested by locals and travelers.

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