We all make mistakes while driving. But some ‘mistakes’ are not really mistakes or errors of judgment. These are cheeky, deliberate, sly attempts to thumb the nose at the law. But remember, sometimes the consequences can be so disastrous that the driver may not live to tell the tale.

TAKING U-TURN WHERE NONE IS ALLOWED: This can be fatal. A U-turn is not allowed by the Traffic Directorate at some road junctions because an oncoming vehicle approaching at the same time as one is taking the U-turn would cause an accident. If you insist on taking a chance you are entering dangerous territory.

CHANGING LANE AFTER CROSSING THE TRAFFIC SIGNAL: One should enter the proper lane one means to follow well in advance. But it happens quite often that the traffic going straight has a long queue whereas the traffic turning left only has a handful of vehicles. In sucha a situation some cheeky drivers enter the left-turn land and immediately after crossing the signal try to enter the lane at right meant for those going straight. It is bad manners, irritating to the drivers following the law, and in case you hit a car going straight you have no defence.


ORANGE: This is cutting it too fine for the sake of saving a couple of minutes. Hold your horses. If another driver with your mindset were to approach in speed from a left or right lane both of you are done.

CHANGING LANE IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING A TURN: When you take a turn stay in the same lane until you have completed the turn and are on course in that lane for a few yards. Only then should you change the lane. Changing lane in the middle taking a turn would mean hitting the driver in the lane you may be trying to enter.

TURNING RIGHT AFTER CROSSING THE SIGNAL: Before every signal there is a road turning to the right and if you mean to go right then enter that. Once you have passed that and crossed the signal, do not turn right at that point because then you are likely to hit the unwary driver turning right properly and joining the main road. 

JUMPING QUEUE AT TRAFFIC SIGNAL AS TRAFFIC FLOWS: It is the height of arrogance to try and join the stream of flowing traffic by advancing on the right-turn lane and then signal left to join the flowing traffic to avoid having to wait at the far end of the queue on a busy road. If a driver hits your bonnet you are the culprit. 

IGNORING THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING SIGNAL: Never ignore the signal at the pedestrian crossing. It is the minimum courtesy you may extend to the man without a vehicle trudging along on foot, or one with a bicycle, or schoolchildren crossing in a gang. Such a signal is as important as the traffic signal for vehicles. The worse is to scare away a pedestrian by blinking headlights even when the crossing light is red and you have no right of way.