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Share Your Suggestions and enquiries with Sunni Waqf Directorate via Tawasul!

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The process of communicating with the Sunni Waqf Directorate just became easier and quicker as you can now communicate directly with its officials through the National Suggestions and Complaints System, “Tawasul”.

The new addition to the National Suggestions & Complaints system “Tawasul”, the move allows the public to submit any suggestion, inquiry, or complaint via Tawasul’s mobile app or online on Bahrain.bh/tawasul . All cases received via Tawasul will be handled quickly and efficiently. Also through Tawasul, you can send your suggestions to the Directorate on how to improve its endowment services and mosque-related issues concerning imams, muezzins, preachers, event halls, and cemeteries.

Launched by the Information & eGovernment Authotity  in 2014, Tawasul system, is available round-the-clock to receive suggestions, inquiries, or complaints related to 43 government entities that have joined its platform. Its usage has been steadily increasing over the years and the percentage of closed cases within the given time period reaching a record 99.5%.

Tawasul is available via the National Portal, www.bahrain.bh/Tawasul  or via the Tawasul app, which can be downloaded from the eGovernment Apps Store, www.bahrain.bh/apps , or through other major app stores.

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For more information, please visit the National Portal bahrain.bh.

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