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Sharjah Aquarium Carnival

Exploring the mysteries of the deep sea at inaugural Sharjah Aquarium Carnival

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Sharjah Aquarium is giving thousands of people a glimpse of life under the waves with a four-day carnival celebrating all things fishy.

The inaugural Sharjah Aquarium Carnival from February 25-28 will see the area around the aquarium become a virtual ocean with a host of marine-inspired performances, visual displays and education-focused workshops.

Life-size models of everything from sharks to seahorses will recreate the mysterious hidden world of the deep sea.

Running daily from 5.30pm to 11pm, the free-to-enter event is a great chance for children and families to learn about the UAE’s incredible marine life and the importance of protecting it.

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“We are very pleased to be hosting such an exciting family event that will bring together the people of Sharjah to celebrate our precious marine ecosystem,” said Manal Ataya, Director General of Sharjah Museums Department.

“As a coastal city, the sea is such an important part of our history and heritage, yet so few of us have experienced the breathtaking beauty and diversity of what lives underwater. We wanted to bring the atmosphere of this underwater world to children and their families to enjoy and learn”

Sharjah Aquarium Carnival is an outdoor festival located in the grounds of Sharjah Aquarium in Al Khan Area.

The entire area has been designed to resemble an underwater ocean scene, complete with models of colourful marine species that are native to UAE waters, such as reef sharks, rays, seahorses, clown fish and jellyfish.

The seabed scene will be completed with replicas of sunken galleys, ship anchors, sea plant life and corals. Music and lightshows will add to the aquamarine atmosphere.

The family-focused entertainment includes a theatrical performance, as well as a range of competitions, face-painting, interactive art workshops, light shows and learning stations. There will also be numerous food and beverage options. For carnival visitors inspired to learn more about the world of the deep sea, they can easily head to Sharjah Aquarium and see a diverse mixture of sea creatures in its 20 aquariums.

For more information about Sharjah Aquarium, head to www.sharjahmuseums.ae

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