350 dermatologists across Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman were asked to identify what the safest, most convenient and least painful method of female hair removal is. Female Shaving ranked as the top-of-mind method for all ages.

The survey conducted by Gillette Venus highlights the top aspects dermatologists and women consider when choosing their preferred female hair removal method; this included a chemical-free process, hygiene factors, and the element of convenience and pain during hair removal. Whilst the survey focused on busting myths of shaving as a primary method of female hair removal, there was also a focus in analyzing the effects of depilatory creams. Over 80% of the respondents cited that shaving is chemical free and hence safer than creams.

The survey busted other misconceptions and myths of shaving that are clarified in the survey among dermatologists, most notably that over 70% believe that shaving exfoliates the skin, and does not cause faster or thicker hair growth as this is dependent on peoples DNA.

Dr. Shazia Ali, a resident dermatologist discussed these results as an important step to empower women’s choices in their lifestyle. “Millennial females are interested in making informed and educated decisions and if we put out science backed information to help them reach that important decision it helps in adding value to multitude of lives. It is important to realize the different options that women have for hair removal, and to understand and clarify the misconceptions of each method. This will allow women to become more empowered to choose their most convenient hair removal method.”