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Shift Your Crazy-Busy Life into Sweet Serenity

Ways to foster a calm brain

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Habits That Shift Your Crazy-Busy Life into Sweet Serenity

This week, BTW brings you ways to foster a calm brain, so you can meet life’s challenges with grace.

You’ve seen those people who seem to effortlessly enjoy life. Their lives are as busy and messy, but they calmly accept the good, the bad, and the ugly. They don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t get caught up in family drama. They don’t take insults personally.  They don’t cry over spilt milk or make mountains out of molehills. They don’t stretch themselves too thin. Their feathers rarely get ruffled by changing plans, missed boats, or surprise obstacles. And even when they are confronted with terrible mistakes, unfortunate accidents, and horrible tragedies, they adjust with relative ease.

How do they do it? Are they brain-dead? For those of us who are annoyed by anything that moves, we have a lot to learn from these admirable, enviable people.

Firstly, soothe your brain! For example, try out yoga, meditation etc. Give it a mental massage.

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Secondly, nourish your brain. Healthy living habits nourish your brain, which requires and consumes a lot of energy. Try getting more sleep; try not to think too much about a disturbing thoughts etc.

Thirdly, let your brain socialise. Connect with those who support you. When you’re happy, share your joy. When you’re stressed, share your struggles so friends can empathise with you, reassure you, and help you, all of which can calm your brain.

Give your brain a break! Every effort you make, large or small, will reinforce your brain’s ability to greet the demands, twists, and turns of life with equanimity.

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