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Shura Chairman highlights researchers’ contributions to integrating women’s needs in development

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Shura Council Chairman, Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, has praised the contributions of Bahraini researchers to the kingdom’s efforts to integrate women’s needs in development, affirming Bahraini women’s dedication across various development fields and sectors.

The Shura Chairman was speaking while receiving here today researcher Marwa Baqer Al-Turki, who presented him with copies of her master’s degree thesis on the impact of gender equality on integrating women’s needs in the development of the public sector in the kingdom.

Al-Saleh commended the researcher’s efforts to compile her valuable thesis, noting that the recommendations she had made in her research would contribute to enhancing the role of women, and their active and positive participation in the kingdom’s development process.

Researcher Marwa Al-Turki expressed thanks and appreciation to the Shura Chairman for his support, valuing highly the fruitful efforts of the Shura Council to develop laws and legislation that consolidate the role of Bahraini women across various development fields.

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