Sigma 50mm F/1.4 ArtSeries Lens – Part 1

It was 04:00 am on Friday, 6th of March 2015, when I started to gear up for some landscape photography. While setting up my tripod, remote release, and filters, I was also having random thoughts on whether I should bring my new Sigma 50mm 1.4 arteries lens or not. Concluding that it would not take much having the lens around, I brought the lens with me. I packed my stuff in my ‘Think Tank’ lens changer bag and headed off to Hidd to catch the sunrise with my friends Richard and Joel.

The day went on and we all got busy taking photos and some long exposure shots in the area, when a gentleman with a stunning Harley Davidson bike arrived. He was in an all-out rider suit. Without having any second thoughts, I approached him and made an introduction. Apparently, he usually visits the area to watch the sun in all its glory. As we shared more information about one other, I asked if he would allow me to take a quick portrait shot of him (my opportunity to test the 50mm Sigma Art Series lens). With no hesitation, he agreed and started to pose like a pro. With an extra 0.9 ND lee Pro glass filter in front of my lens, I was able to compensate the ambient light of the area. I also maximized my aperture to 1.4. The results were just wonderful.

Contributed by Glenn Wesley Dulay