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Simple and Effective Tips to Prevent Dandruff in winter

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Winter is just around the corner and with it comes one of the most common hair issues of all time – dandruff. Here, we are today with some amazing tips on how to prevent dandruff in winters.

Keep The Scalp Moisturised: Dry scalp is one of the main reasons for dandruff, and cold weather of winters only add to that. Use hair products that are nourishing and moisturising and avoid products that dry the scalp.

Oil Massage: A hot oil massage not only moisturises the scalp but strengthen and nourish our hair as well. Coconut oil is the most common oil used for an oil massage. You can also mix a couple of oils and add a few drops of tea tree oil to make your own homemade remedy for dandruff.

Don’t Over shampoo: While battling with dandruff your main focus is keeping the scalp moisturised and over-shampooing will strip the moisture of the scalp and make it vulnerable. So, maintain a shampoo schedule. Two to three times a week is more than enough times to shampoo your hair.

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Hair Styling Products: There is a big no to hairstyling products containing alcohol if you want to tackle the issue of dandruff. Alcohol tends to strip the moisture if your scalp and hair and thus make your scalp dry.

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