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SKEDit Automates WhatsApp Messages To Help Small Businesses Grow

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Small businesses are often left behind in the age of social media. With so many options for marketing, it can be difficult to know where you should invest your time and money. One platform that has been exponentially growing is WhatsApp, with over 2 billion users worldwide. However, the ever-growing popularity of WhatsApp has created a large number of messages that SMBs struggle to manage. For small businesses, this can be challenging, and they need help managing their account in order to maximize the benefits from this lucrative tool. 

Fortunately, SKEDit, a communication tool designed to automate messages, helps them grow and increase productivity. This is accomplished through scheduling messages on WhatsApp. SKEDit is an easy-to-use scheduling app that lets businesses schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, emails, and set call reminders.

It’s important that businesses can schedule messages and send them at their convenience to communicate with customers and clients. SKEDit allows its users to schedule unlimited messages from the same account and resend them at different times if need be.

SKEDit was created to help individuals and businesses increase productivity and meet the communication needs of today. SKEDit uses automation to make sure your WhatsApp messages reach the intended person at precisely the right time. This saves your company time and money.

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By using WhatsApp, it is easy to show appreciation for your audience and build trust with them. Plus, you can easily share updates, industry events, or promotions that are important to your company. “We created SKEDit to help businesses maximize their productivity, so they can spend more time focusing on the things that are important to them,” says Jad Khater. “Our goal is to have all our users see success with SKEDit.”

SKEDit offers an array of features that make it more than just another scheduling app on the Google Play Store. The Custom Repeats feature lets users send messages in customizable repeating patterns, while Recipients Lists allow for easy organization and scheduling future communications at either scheduled times or immediately if desired. Furthermore, SKEDit also has premium customer service that is available 24/7. No matter what happens, you can get help when needed most. 

SKEDit has been a huge success since its global launch in Q3 2017. It has over 2 million downloads, and 1 million messages are sent monthly. SKEDit is a global phenomenon with users across 145+ countries around the world.

Apart from putting your WhatApp messages on auto-pilot mode, SKEDit also helps in scheduling Emails, SMS, & more, with as many attachments. It allows you to view all your communications in one place and relax. 


About Us: SKEDit was created to help professionals and businesses meet the communication needs of today. We are on a mission to make communication easier and more effective. We’re committed to providing scheduling tools that help professionals get things done. 

URL: http://skedit.io/

Emails: contact@skedit.io – jad@skedit.io 

HQ Address: Kventures – Tour de Lyon – Hamra – Beirut, Lebanon

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