Slow Driving

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

This week we at Bahrain This Week turn the spotlight on slow driving. Speed kills. But if you drive far too slow than the permitted limit [say, at 40km/hr when 80km/hr is the speed limit on the road], it may not do any direct harm but it would certainly congest traffic, disturb the rhythm of the drivers in your lane, lead to road rage and blaring of horns.

Driving far too slow can even result in accidents. The vehicle behind you may try to change lanes to overtake you, which the driver behind him may also be trying to do, resulting in a line-up of accidents.

People can generally be spotted driving slower than usual when they are trying to make or take a phone call or send a message, which in itself is a dangerous practice. Why put 20 cars behind you to inconvenience, compelling them to change lanes just because you want to multitask while at the wheel?

How would you feel if you (like everyone else) are trying your best to get your kids to school or yourself to work on time on a busy weekday, but are driving along at a speed which a jogger can catch up with? Re-think!