Diet Delight founder Hala Alkhaldi’s mission is rather simple. To make healthy food tasty. Combining these two irresistible factors has transformed her small business into a big venture by making healthy eating accessible to the soceity. Bahrain This Week sits down with the entrepreneur to hear her story.

Tell us a little bit about your work experience.

I started Diet Delight five years ago. It was a dream of mine to create a small business and help in spreading awareness in my field. Besides our core business, we have participated in seminars, charity events, and sporting events, all of which in one way or another help individuals in learning about healthy living.

Now DD turned into a bigger and growing venture. I’m happy with the results after a lot of work and the efforts a great team.

What are some of the biggest things which helped you succeed?

The most important factors that helped me succeed is the support system I had and trusting myself and motivate my team. Also having people around me who provided support for me whenever needed. Furthermore, another factor that helped me succeed is that I started this business out of passion more than for a mean for financial gain. Also being a certified Clinical Dietitian and being on top of my business gave it more credibility. People make choices and I believe that these are reasons that give Diet Delight an edge over its competition.

How did you start Diet Delight?

I started off with an idea. I was confident in my knowledge and abilities in my
field to make it work, but was reluctant from the business side because it was my first business. However, we overcame all the obstacles since then and are glad of the outcome.

The challenge was trying to prove that a healthy meal could really taste great and make it easier and accessible to most people to consume. We did that by both delivering these meals to people’s homes, and by actually making it available in supermarkets, gyms and coffee shops.

What makes your centre unique?

Customer service, quality of food, and weight loss results. These are three of the most important factors that make my centre different than others. We never compete by reducing prices because this could mean cutting costs and reducing quality, and that is against our policy. That is a reason why people have confidence in our brand.

What are some of the challenges you faced while running Diet Delight?

I think I faced so many challenges at the beginning such as bringing everything together to create a business and to build a team.

After the business was set up, the challenge was to climb the ladder and to be on top. That part wasn’t easy, but I believe that we are there. The even bigger challenge is to be innovative and keep improving in order to stay on top. Nothing is impossible and one can face most challenges by sincere effort and thinking outside the box. Everything has a solution.

How do you effectively mix business and health awareness?

We are very active in spreading awareness. We actually take part many seminars, expos, TV programs, and charity events such Diabetic Day, Breast Cancer Day etc. By creating awareness, we give back to society. Such efforts have always been part of what we do. When you have a recognized brand, it is expected that you do your part towards society. We keep this separate from our business because helping in spreading awareness is for everyone.

Being a woman entrepreneur what are some of the challenges you faced setting up Diet Delight?

I don’t think there is a difference between one being a man or a woman when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Yes, I faced a few problems while setting it up. I think it takes time and everyone has to go through the leaning cycle. For me it took a year to set it up. However, the challenges would not have been different whether it was faced by a male or a female.

You can face these problems by just putting your head to it. Don’t create excuses on what gender of an entrepreneur you are. That would only create a fake psychological hurdle. If you want to do it, you can make it happen.

What are my biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is my father because I witnessed him as I was growing up. He built himself from nothing as he opted not to join the family business with his father. He became successful the hard way and went through all the challenges, the ups and downs, and that taught me the true meaning of being fighter.

What are some of the skills you’ve gained after starting Diet Delight?

The skills I’ve gained in five years is customer service. When serving your clients, they expect nothing less than the best service. Secondly, is improving myself and how to deal face to face with the needs of my clients.

What are the techniques needed to be followed to have a healthy body?

I think this a very general question but if you change your lifestyle by small techniques and small correct steps, I think you can have a healthy lifestyle that will lead to having a healthy body. It’s very simple; By changing your lifestyle to a healthy one in simple steps, one can feel great from within. I always encourage people change their lifestyles by taking small steps, one at a time.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

To believe in themselves, and believe in their ideas. To do their feasibility studies on their projects and their markets. Even if they believe that they have a very good idea they need to do a complete study to back that idea up. They need to always believe that they can do it no matter what the setback may be, and definitely have a support system that they need.

How do you balance your life?

I balance my life by setting priorities. I need to balance between my family, my work and my self. I always say my family comes first, my work and then me. I always do that and it works.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

I hope to take Diet Delight beyond Bahrain. I’m working on a number of options and hope to make DD a regional brand.

How have the exhibitions helped you?

It was good exposure for Diet Delight.
The feedback from social media we received was very pleasing. We created great contacts in many field that helped our business.