Saturday, April 17, 2021

    “Smile” Initiative launches “Tawasol” Programme

    Smile Initiative, an initiative of Bahrain Future Society for Youth which provides psycho social support to children with cancer and their parents in the Kingdom of Bahrain, launched “Tawasol” programme that will let parents of cancer-stricken children to consult initiative’s members and meet their needs and to provide a platform to communicate with parents and track their journeys and help them gain a better of what they are going through.

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    Smile Initiative initiated “Tawasol” programme by holding a meeting with parents of the sick kids at Arjan Village, during which the parents shared their thoughts and ideas on the initiative and its programmes events and their suggestions on developing these programs in order to enhance the benefit of their children with the chairman of the Future Society for Youth Mr. Subah Al-Zayani.

    During meeting, Mr. Alzayani gave a brief overview of Smile’s objectives, programmes and its plan for 2019. He also discussed the restructuring of “Abjad” educational programme by adding more events and activities to it, in addition to the initiative efforts to provide a larger headquarters for them to expand their activities.

    Moreover, a number of shared ideas were discussed between the parents and the initiative. It was agreed that the “Smile” initiative would host speakers and experts to enrich the discussions in the next sessions of the program.

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