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solutions by stc – Kuwait Joins Manama-IX

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Manama Internet Exchange (Manama-IX), the Bahrain based Internet peering service provider has announced that solutions by stc – Kuwait, has joined its platform. The news comes shortly after the announcement of the 20-fold growth in Manama-IX platform’s traffic, between the first quarters of 2020 and 2021, making it the fastest growing Internet exchange platform in the region since its inception in 2019.

Joining the Manama-IX platform will enable the Kuwaiti-based carrier to optimise its resources by eliminating the need to be present at multiple IX locations, while also benefitting from lower interconnect charges and transit costs. Through their presence on the Manama-IX platform, ‘solutions by stc’ – Kuwait, will be able to reach a wider number of international peering partners and take advantage of, among other benefits, an enhanced VR and gaming experience for its end users in Kuwait, due to improved internet quality with faster response time and low latency.

Chief Executive Officer of solutions by stc – Kuwait, Mohammad N. Al-Nusif, said: “We are proud to join the Manama-IX platform as part of our commitment to continuously develop and enhance the user experience for our valued customers. The peering platform will elevate the gaming arena for users, while providing a next level immersive VR gaming experience. Through this solution, we aim to lower latency issues and enhance the in-game responsiveness for customers, allowing them to enjoy their online games with minimal game play interruptions.”

He added, “By joining Manama-IX, solutions by stc- Kuwait,which is the specialized business arm of world-class digital leader, Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, will benefit from direct connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS) which means a more reliable service and high throughput network connectivity in the areas mostly visited and used by our customers.”

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Mr. Al-Nusif concluded, solutions by stc – Kuwait has built a strong network of solid partners such as Manama-IX, which has assisted the Company in providing its customers with a range of pioneering and innovative digital solutions that cater to their diverse needs. “By optimizing our resources, the strength of our network, and the capabilities of the Manama-IX platform, we plan to transform the gaming world for our local customers and throughout the region. This initiative falls in line with stc’s strategic plan to provide safe and secure world-class connectivity through IT solutions under one roof, paving the way for digital transformation not only for businesses, but for our clients as well.”

Batelco Acting General Manager of Global Business Hani Askar said: “We welcome solutions by stc – Kuwait to the Manama-IX community and look forward to enabling improved performance and redundancy to their network. Our newest tenant recognizes Manama-IX’s capabilities as both a peering solution and a content access solution that serves to improve internet performance and lower costs with a single connection.”

He added: “By creating more places for network providers to exchange traffic within the region, the Manama IX platform works to improve network robustness, allowing for more alternative paths, even if one path is down. Removing the need for traffic to traverse “long-haul fiber paths” between cities decreases the chances of disruption and enhances overall performance and user experience.”

“Batelco’s vision behind Manama-IX is to contribute towards the development of Internet services across the region, in line with Bahrain’s national vision of becoming a leading regional digital hub,” Mr. Askar concluded.

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