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Some Actions a Driver must Avoid

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As one drives along the roads of Bahrain one notices numerous instances of a driver’s carelessness, sometimes bordering on the devil-may-care attitude. Just a little attention and a good number of road accidents and mishaps can be avoided.

  • One sometimes notices trucks carrying rubble or boulders for land reclamation or road building, sand, bricks, building material, planks, rods and sundry items. But do they carry them as per the law?

Any loose material like sand or boulders should be carried securely covered with a large piece of canvas otherwise it could be dangerous for the vehicles immediately following the culprit vehicle when the loose material starts spilling onto the road. If these are huge boulders, an accident could be fatal.

Similarly rods, planks or unwieldy items, especially those carried by pick-ups, should be securely tied to the vehicle and the rods must not stick out of the vehicle. These again might cause serious accidents and pierce the following vehicle, under unforeseen circumstances. And whether a truck or a pick-up, a vehicle must never be overloaded.

Even some car owners have this habit of carrying unwieldy or large items in their trunks with the lid open like the jaws of an alligator thereby blocking their rear view and thus putting them at a hazardous disadvantage. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a pick-up.

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Even the inside of the car must not be over-stuffed with goods to avoid the blocking of the rear view or making it inconvenient to drive. Similarly, a vehicle should not be carrying people in excess of its capacity.

  • Cars with black or tinted windows are banned in Bahrain and yet one finds adverts offering to cover the window panes with tinted film. That is obviously flouting the law. The point is simple. Clear windows help check illegal activities being carried out inside the vehicle. Similarly, despite the ban on matt-finish paint, some people continue to have them painted in that fashion unlawfully.
  • The worst culprits on the road – and the most dangerous – are those wayward youth who race on roads for the thrill of speeding and to boost the power of their vehicles even have turbo systems installed in their cars with turbo bars on the dashboard to keep track of their antics. How scary must they be on the highways but the law-abiding drivers can do little to control them.

Observing speed limits is the best way to remain safe and ensure the safety of fellow drivers on the road.

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