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There are two kinds of motorcyclists in Bahrain. Those who drive for fun and those who drive as part of their job to earn a livelihood. The latter are by and large traffic- law-abiding drivers except when they are audaciously weaving in and out of the traffic snarls, occasionally almost grazing the flanks of cars.

It is the variety which takes to the motorcycles for fun which poses danger to road-users and drivers alike. They generally move about in gangs and are nocturnal creatures, helmeted and quite often with companions at the back which prompts solo motorcyclists with them to show off in precarious postures.

Specifically three things about them pose a danger to the constituents of the normal traffic – their speed, their alarmingly shrill noise pollution and their antics. And while steering clear of them or slowing down on sighting them is one solution to avoid any scrapes, there is no knowing when all the precautions would come to a nought in case of a close encounter of the first kind with them!

If you are an owner of one of these flashy, expensive vehicle do make sure to avoid terrorizing the law-abiding drivers by your sight, speed, shrillness of your vehicle and your circus-worthy antics.

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Speed can be terrifying if you have a four-wheeler but at least there is less likelihood of a four-wheel vehicle going off course that easily. In the case of a two-wheeler there is no knowing. One nick, one slight brush with another vehicle, one little tilt gone wrong and you have had it on a highway at high speed.

Do not ‘fly’ on the highway as if you are chasing a Formula One car. Speed limits apply to everyone and if on a highway with the legal limit of 80kmph you show off by swishing past at 14kmph you alone would be held responsible for the consequences.

Do not have the silencer of your motorcycle removed to draw attention of fellow drivers on a highway with your high-decibel screams and screeches. A speeding vehicle weaving in and out of the traffic is in itself a scary sight and if you add the horrendous bleat of the monstrous machine to the scenario it is enough to rattle most drivers who are likely to cause some form of accident.

And finally do not drive in a perpendicular position, resting on the rear wheel or with hands off the handles. These are dangerous games fit only for circus arena motorcyclists. If performed on the road you may get no audience to clap or cheer you with awful consequences.

Drive well. Drive carefully

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