Special children welcomed at EWA


The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) yesterday organized an event for children with motor disabilities, under the title “A working day at the Electricity and Water Authority”. Eleven children from different age groups took part.

The event, organized in cooperation with the Bahrain International Center for International Mobility and under the patronage of the Chief Executive of the Electricity and Water Authority, Sheikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, aimed to enhance the principle of community partnership. It also looked at the importance of integrating people with disabilities into public life as an integral part of the fabric of society.

The Electricity and Water Authority received the children and prepared for them the integrated programme that introduced them to the basics of the work at the authority. They also toured some of the departments, where they learned about how to connect electricity to homes.

The children participated in administrative work of the authority. A number of them were acquainted with how to enter the data on building permits for electricity and water, as well as shown an explanatory video on how to proceed from the application of electricity and water service in the customer service centers to the delivery of electricity to the house.

Sheikh Nawaf honoured the children with the slogan “Ambassador of the Authority”, which is concerned with preserving the wealth of electricity and water and participating in spreading awareness and culture of rationalization.

The management of the Bahrain International Center for International Mobility thanked Shaikh Nawaf for his efforts and support for their activities by raising awareness of the importance of the center and its social role.

The children drew paintings related to the authority, which have been displayed at its building.