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Speed Cameras location service, New addition to the eTraffic app

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Tired of getting caught on camera for speeding, unsure if you actually exceeded the road speed limit? Check out the new Speed Cameras location feature recently added to the eTraffic app.

The eTraffic app has just become even more essential to drivers as it now has a Speed Cameras Locator feature – and it’s very simple to use.

Once you download the app, you can access the Speed Cameras Locator from the Home menu to see numbers on clusters indicating how many cameras are within each cluster. As you zoom in on a cluster, you will see the speed cameras individually on the map. Tapping on a location will show its detailed description and zooming out will consolidate the cameras into clusters once again.

The app also allows users to benefit from several other services, including accessing traffic records, updating contact details, payment of traffic contraventions, renewal of registrations and licenses, locating fuel stations and more.

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Users interested in downloading the app can visit the eGovernment Apps Store apps.bahrain.bh or they can visit the National Portal Bahrain.bh which will redirect them to the app’s site.

For more information, please visit the National Portal Bahrain.bh

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