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Spinal Twist Pose [Meru Vakrasana]

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‘Meru’ means mountain.  In India the spine is known as the merudand, which means ‘mountainous stick’ as the vertebrae of the spine jutt out like a range of mountains. The word ‘vakra’ means curved. This asana is so called as it twists the spine while accentuating it’s curvature. Meru Vakrasana is one of the simplest from the spinal twisting group of asanas.

Organising the Pose:

1. Sit in Dandasana with the legs stretched out.

2.   Turn the trunk slightly to the right and place the right hand behind the body, close to the left buttock, with the fingers pointing backwards.

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4.  Place the left hand behind beside the right buttock as close as possible to the right hand.

5.  Bend the left knee and place the foot outside the right knee. Twist the head and trunk as far to the right as is comfortable , using the arms as levers, while keeping the spine straight and upright.

6. The buttocks should remain on the floor.

7. Hold the final position ,keeping the back relaxed. Look over the right shoulder as far as easily possible without straining.

8.Re-centre the spine and relax for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side.


  • Inhale deeply then exhale while twisting.


  • Don’t lift the buttocks off the mat or lean back.<List ends>


  • This asana twists the whole spine from top to bottom.
  • It loosens up all the vertebrae, helps to relocate displaced vertebrae and tones all the nerves within and surrounding the spine.
  • All the internal abdominal organs get a good massage.
  • Relieves backache, lumbago and mild forms of sciatica.
  • A useful preparatory asana to prepare the back for more difficult spinal twists.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj– Yoga Expert

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