Tuesday, May 18, 2021

    Splunk-certified app to help manage Digital Risks

    Digital Shadows offers Splunk customers a Splunk-certified app to help manage their Digital Risks

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    Integrating Digital Shadows SearchLight with Splunk Enterprise enables organizations to monitor, manage, and timely mitigate incidents in their broader cybersecurity deployment

    Digital Shadows, an industry leader in digital risk management, announced it has offered its market-leading Digital Risk Management service to Splunk® Enterprise customers via a new Splunk-certified app available on Splunkbase for download. Through this app, Splunk Enterprise customers can now leverage Digital Shadows to help manage and mitigate their digital risks across the open, deep and dark web including cyber threats, data loss, brand exposure, VIP exposure, infrastructure exposure, physical threat, and third-party risk, and create an up-to-the minute view of their organization’s digital risk with tailored threat intelligence.

    Integrating Digital Shadows SearchLightTM service with Splunk Enterprise enables organizations to integrate timely incidents captured by SearchLight’s combination of comprehensive data analytics and human analyst intelligence into their broader cybersecurity deployment. Intelligence from multiple sources gains power when it can be correlated, enabling security teams to have a 360 degree view of information with context, seen across the open, deep, and dark web in order to identify, manage, and mitigate the severity and impact of an event.

    “We are excited to participate as a Splunk Technology Partner and provide this app to enable enterprise customers to be able to manage their digital risks,” said Alex Seton, Digital Shadows VP Business & Corporate Development. “Splunk users will be able to seamlessly integrate Digital Shadows Digital Risk incidents into their existing Splunk Enterprise deployment to streamline incident processing and coordinate security intelligence across multiple sources throughout the open, deep, and dark web.”

    “Instead of using automated tools and orchestrated processes, security teams rely on spreadsheets and email for much of their investigatory work and collaboration,” said Joseph Blankenship, Forrester analyst. “The manual nature of today’s security operations slows breach detection and response, leaving data and systems vulnerable to cyberattacks. Automation and orchestration promise to improve security operations and threat response.”

    Integrating Digital Shadows SearchLightTM with Splunk Enterprise is quick and easy. The integration is available for download via Splunkbase, allowing enterprises to connect the two platforms and to ingest incidents into their Splunk deployment. These incidents are then fully searchable within Splunk Enterprise and can trigger alerts using the native functionality in Splunk Enterprise. SearchLight’s dashboard is also available via the Splunk interface, enabling users to easily view, manage and mitigate digital risks and communicate performance and results across the organization.

    The Digital Shadows Splunk app is available here: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3650/

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