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In continuation of its Ramadan charity, SSP BAHRAIN sponsored an Iftar get-together in association with One Heart Bahrain at Thai Mart Mall for low-income labourers working at different sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain on April 21, 2022. “Together We Eat” was organized with a vision of everyone coming together and breaking their fast at the same time in complete equality. Around 120 labourers joined the event to break their fast in unity.

“The get-together emphasized the sense of community and togetherness which the Holy Month of Ramadan inspires in us all, said Birthe van der Heijden, Active Social Worker & Founder of One Heart Bahrain. “Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I am very appreciative of SSP BAHRAIN’s sincere and compassionate approach to its CSR activities.”

SSP Bahrain has been actively engaging in social welfare and community support activities ever since its official operation started in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2021. SSP Bahrain initiated its CSR activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan last year and donated 15 boxes of Breaded Chicken Fillet and 30 boxes of Frozen Cookies to Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society with an intention of spreading positivity of the festive season even during the time of COVID-19 pandemic. This year, SSP BAHRAIN donated and distributed 300 Fresh Iftar Meals to low-income labour camps in Hamad Town teaming up with One Heart as a humble act of community support during Ramadan.

“SSP Bahrain is proud of our fruitful association with One Heart Bahrain and its work in supporting the less fortunate and strengthening the Kingdom during the Holy month of Ramadan”, commented Mr. Tomas de Prat Gay, General Manager SSP Bahrain. We look forward to growing our relationships with charity organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain thereby giving and participating in the act of supporting all who need our help”, he added.

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