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St. Christopher school’s SPARTA Tennis Match completes their 3rd tournament

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On Saturday, the SPARTA Tennis Squad competed in their third tournament against Bahrain Tennis Academy at the Dilmun Club. The players at BTA offer wonderful competition for the SPARTA team and have won the previous two tournaments. However, after lots of hard work and extra practice, this weekend, the SPARTA players were delighted to take the win with an impressive score of 46-18! The coaches were very proud of the match-play and attacking skills demonstrated by both sides at the event. Coach Simon Bourner has commented that he was particularly impressed by the quality of the rallies that were produced by the children aged 8 and under. The tournament ended with loud applause from the parents who were dedicated supporters of the event. Parents praised Coach Simon (SPARTA) and Dan Barrie (Bahrain Tennis Academy) for the organisation of this fantastic initiative and the success of bringing two squads together for regular tournaments. Parents also thanked the coaches for giving up a great deal of extra time to ensure that the players could get the best experience out of the Tennis competitions. On Saturday 17 February, the Tennis teams from SPARTA and BTA will be meeting once again – this time, for players aged 10 and unde

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