St Christopher’s Junior School Proud Assembly

Right-L: Wendy Bataineh, Head of Junior School, pictured with the students holding their Proud certificates

The third Junior School ‘What makes you feel proud’ assembly of the academic year once again saw some fantastic student achievements being recognised.

Mia, Sarah and Avery from Year 4 presented their activities in swimming. Elikem, Slade, Sofia, Aliyah, Lottie, Kieran, Matthew, Benson, Stein and Jacob from year 5 were acknowledged for their accomplishments as part of the Swim Squad in Dubai. Earsil from Year 5 received his award for taking part in the Al A’ali Art Festival, Klàra also in year 5 received hers for Sports & Running, Dani in Year 3 for Gymnastics, Adam in Year 4 for publishing his first book, Haleema in Year 6 demonstrated some fantastic Karate skills while Ayzah, Aanvi, Sybil, Shefali, Areeba in Year 6 received certificates for their cookery skills, and finally, Layla, Deena, Rakan, (Year 5) and Noah and Sean (Year 3) received acknowledgments for their Dance and Karate skills!